It’s time to QUIT. . .

It’s time to QUIT

If I get this right you’ll probably
wanna puke by the end of it. . .

You see; I want to lead you by
the hand and show you your future self.

Not far into the future.

Let’s say a few months or so;
You sit down on your work chair
and stare at the screen.

Zero sales, again.

The debts are piling up.

(Still with me? Good, there’s hope for you yet. . .)

The pressure is mounting.

You crave an escape from the daily monotony of your J.O.B.

You try not to think about how
much time and money you’ve
poured into internet marketing
just to get to this point.

Your loved ones are worried.

You have a dream.

You’ve tasted the possible reality
which remains painfully beyond

But how long can this go on?

How many more times can you
have a “turnaround week”?

How many times can you dust
yourself down and start over?

How many times can you start
a new project believing it’s
“the one”?

There has to come an end.

When the will runs out, when
the hope runs out and when
the money runs out.

You pull the plug.

You walk away.

And you close the chapter
of your life marked “My Dreams”

What a failure.

What do the successful people
you don’t?

What are they doing which is
making money which you’re not?

How come you’re smarter than
they are but you can’t crack this?

Sucks doesn’t it?

This could be you or you can
take the inspiration from this
“kick in the nuts” email and
actually do something about it.

Something which is proven.

Something which anyone can do.

And something which works.

You CAN do this;

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