Here’s what is killing America’s (and indeed the world’s) affiliates;

Tiny commissions.

Let’s be honest;

Ten bucks here and twenty bucks is not gonna cut the mustard

when you have a mortgage, bills to pay and expenses out the wazoo.

You could argue;

“Yeah but if I make a thousand sales of a product

which pays me $10 commission then it’s plenty of dough.”

It sure is Moto.

But you’re not gonna make a thousand sales of an affiliate product are you?

It’s time to get real here and stop dreaming.

Rather than just make the odd ten bucks or twenty bucks

here and there you need to change your approach.

There’s a way you can do the same work (or less)

and get commissions of $250, $500 or even $1000.

This is how you do it;

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