Have you got “little guy” complex like Tom Hanks?

I love the movie “Big”.

You know – the one where a kid makes a wish to become big and it comes true?

At the end of the movie the big kid, Tom Hanks,

realizes being big isn’t all it’s cut out to be

and he wants to un-supersize his status back to what it was.

In a nutshell:-He didn’t have what it takes

to stick it out in the big person’s world.

It’s like the affiliate marketing world;

Lots of affiliates are making teenie weenie commissions

and are longing to become a big time affiliate

making big commissions but they don’t have what it takes to step up to the next level.


They’re not ready to learn the secrets about how to cash in on big commissions.

They’re not ready to up their game and play in the big league.

And they’re not ready to start dealing in big cash amounts

and manage big commissions

and the temptation and responsiblity that comes with them.

But for those who are (i.e. you) there is a sure-fire way to

blast your commissions from the opposite of big to gargantuan in one fell swoop.

And here it is;


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